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Defacebooking is sabotage of a friend’s Facebook ‘Wall’. Typical examples of defacebooking include outing the friend as a pedophile, a truant, a stealer of office supplies, a backstabber of BFFs, or a closet Mormon.
I had to un-friend Jeremy for defacebooking me! He ratted me out on my Wall for trying to poach Chase’s not quite-eighteen year old sister at Chase's party. Jeremy waited til I had just started my shift, and when I logged back on my Wall was like totally covered in flames.
by Mo Dixley February 03, 2010
1. the act of removing a facebook account
2. the act of removing someones face with a book
(1) I think its finally time to delete my account and go through a defacebooking.

(2) This crime scene appears to have been a defacebooking... I can tell by the fact that there's a face on the floor and a bloody book nearby.
by Shmeshmorsion March 16, 2010
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