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1. the act of removing a facebook account
2. the act of removing someones face with a book
(1) I think its finally time to delete my account and go through a defacebooking.

(2) This crime scene appears to have been a defacebooking... I can tell by the fact that there's a face on the floor and a bloody book nearby.
by Shmeshmorsion March 16, 2010
the process of trading stocks, bonds, options and other equities online
'dat fool etrading all day'
by Shmeshmorsion February 13, 2010
An evil legion of demonic lizard illuminati nazi's trying to take over the world.

A fake organization used to demonstrate the mental incapacity of a person who is crazy enough to believe everything they see, read, or hear; especially regarding conspiracy theories. When questioned these types of people will likely have a defense of 'I saw it on youtube' or 'google it, its true.'
Used to mock a friend;
Friend: No realy, it's going to happen just wait and see, wait and see the government is going to knock at your door soon, youll see.
You: Yes, the government and the illuminazis are going to come and eat our babies.
by shmeshmorsion February 25, 2013
FGM - Family Guy Moment - n. a moment in time which could easily make good humorous script for the show Family Guy.
A hilarious incident noted by a person audibly verbalizing "FGM, FGM!"
by Shmeshmorsion March 16, 2010

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