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A sexual position that allows for maximum penetration.

The main variation of this position requires the man to be on top and position his head slightly above the womans head (chin to forehead). The man should then grab the end of the bed with his hands if possible and proceed to quickly pound the vagina.
I warmed her up with just the tip. I then went into a deepsea diver and she went crazy.
by tdox December 18, 2005
A man or woman who loves to eat the pussy often refering to fish! or stink box is a deap see diver
mike is a big time deep sea diver i could smell his face from a mile away. lay of the fish scuba man
by killa bs November 03, 2006
Getting a blowjob while taking a shit in a porta potty. When your turd hits the water, the blue chemical splashes her in the face turning it blue as though she was in an aquarium. Undeterred (and maybe a little turned on) she keeps giving you head.
Becky just gave me a deep sea diver!
by Gliderman January 25, 2011
bus driver's nickname for people, mainly old or hard-of-walking, who have to get off the bus backwards, hence like a deep-sea diver would get off a boat.

now becoming a rare site due to the widespread use of low-floor, easy access buses. but can still be witnessed on the odd bus route operated with step-entrance buses, or coaches. national express seem to get a lot of this particular type of passenger.

generally these people will be the first to get up, and will be waiting by the door as the bus arrives at their stop. they will then proceed to turn around and move extremely slowly, whilst other exasperated passengers stand patiently waiting, wondering why he/she couldn't have just waited for everyone else to get off first.
"sorry I'm late, i had one of them bastard deep-sea divers holding me up, taking her time to get off"

"we've had a complaint. you apparently didnt stop to pick up Mrs. xxxxx this morning"
"thats because she's a deep-sea diver, and i was running late"
by kennygetmezantac August 21, 2011
When your poop completely disappears from sight in the toilet. Sometimes confused with the ghost poop.
I just took a deep sea diver.
by Scott Outram August 30, 2008
During a blowjob, the male partner shoves his dick as far as possible down the womans throat until she begins to exasperatedly gag, then urinates with a powerful jet stream. The woman then proceeds to gargle it into a fine mixture with her saliva, then spits it out into her hands, and lathers her body with it.
1. I gave Helen a deep sea, was she pissed!
by nick staton February 05, 2008
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