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when you are stalking someone on facebook or twitter and accidentally like a post of theirs from two years back, revealing how deep you have dug into their past.
sara: you need to tell your ex-GF to back off. she's all over my shit.
joe: what?
sara: she's pathetic - she just deepfaved a facebook picture of mine from like 2009.
by elle99 June 02, 2014
Photos & Videos
Liking a photo (or any post) from over a year ago.

Broader meaning than the act of a stalker.
The most recent photo on Facebook of my buddy's two kids is over a year old. I deepfaved it anyway cause I liked their double portrait.
by Oh BabyBaby June 09, 2014
the act of liking a picture or post on facebook, twitter, instagram ect. that is more than two years old, thus outwardly revealing your inner stalkeresque tendencies.
i think jess might be stalking me.

she favorited three of my facebook pics.
they're from like 2007.
ah, classic deepfave.
by stephendragon June 12, 2014
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