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1.A word ussually used by inner city muslims to describe someone who is still practicing islam, ie; praying 5x's a day, fasting, going to the mosque and avoiding big sins (illicit sex, crimes etc.)

2. Some one who is still striving to be a good muslim.

3. Someone can be "back on the deen". Meaning they fell off for a while and are now trying to stop their foolishness and be a good muslim ie. pray, fast, and leave that woman alone that ain't their wife (if it's gotten that far.)

3. Being righteous, in a good, god-fearing way.
"Yo brother you alright?- cause I heard about how you was going through some things lately." "Yeah Aaq! I'm aaight now. You know it's hard out here for a bro. But I'm still deenin.... Catch you latar."
"Salam alaikum" "Wa laikum salam".
by Nzinga K October 10, 2006
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