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Originating from Qatar International School, which is a warm-hearted insult used to describe someone who is usually weird, socially awkward, clumsy around people and sometimes retarded
"Don't be a deddy"
by Deddyyeyeye May 25, 2013
Southern pronunciation of daddy. A semi-respectful term.
Pronounced Day-eddy but spoken fast enough to sound like deddy.
Pat: Deddy, where'd you go?
by wald0 March 07, 2009
to deddy

to one up, upstage, out due, or out tell a story (usually negative)

Past Tense:

the act of performing a DavidEddy
Person 1: "Oh man my dog died today"

Person 2: "Oh your dog died? My dog died once, the day after I got mono, and I had to study for all my finals, and go to school the next week to take my tests."

Person 1: "Bro you totally deddyed me!"
by Webbie1424241 May 17, 2010
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