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You've been accumulating cruft year after year, a gnawing sense in the back of your mind that someday you'll have to do something with this stuff. Actually getting down to looking through it all, one by one, and throwing out everything you're never going to use: the decrapification of your apartment.
I know him, I took his Apple Unix when he was in New York.
Oh, yeah, that was when I moved out of the Brooklyn apartment. That was round one of the great decrapification.

Decrapification was the project for 2007, and oh my god the stuff we got rid of!
by My name is Cos January 02, 2008
The act of removing all the pre-installed crap from your Dell or HP computer.

See: crapware, crapify (Antonym)
The decrapification of Bob's laptop was long and arduous; but after 16 hours, the technicians finally managed to remove Dell MediaDirect.
by spongtastic August 28, 2008
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