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The most wildest , fun, coolest person there is. This person is so much fun and is the life of every party. When she is around there is never a dull moment. A debrine will make you laugh when you feel sad and will pick you up when you are down. A debrine is a loyal friend and will always have your back. Debrines are hard to befriend because most female creatures are jealous of her. A debrine does not trust easily, If you do gain her friendship she will love you forever. Debrines are only attracted to the opposite sex and are very sexual creatures. If you make a debrine angry you better watch out because debrines serve revenge cold.A debrine is like fire and ice they can be hot one minute and cold the next.A debrine can be very serious or very silly. A debrine is usually book smart but not very witty due to the color of their hair. Debrines are usual blond headed and green eyed. A debrine is a beautiful creature who everyone should have a chance to encounter.
We invited a debrine to our party so it would be awesome.
I wanted someone who would always be there for me so I found a debrine.
There is nobody hotter or more sweeter than a debrine.
I wanted a fun night so i got a debrine.
You didnt get that joke its because you are such a debrine. How can you make an a in trig but not understand a knock knock joke its because you are a debrine.
by kingofthelatinos February 11, 2010
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