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Verb - an action, usually involving an activity, to re-instill manliness into a man who has been deemed by his friends or family to have 'too much bitch in him.' Manly activities include, but are not limited to: Hunting, going to strip clubs, destroying things, watching porn, using explosives, firing weapons, banging whores, making fire, etc. (See Squidbillies: Butt Trouble episode)
After Rusty asked his father how to perform a breast self-exam, his father took him hunting in order to debitchulate him.
by ThePhatMan February 01, 2009
44 6
the act of maning up; stopping of complaining and whinning; to drop an attitude
"you need to debitchulate/debitchulize your girl"

"you need to debitchulate/debitchulize yourself and act like a man
by Bud Belair October 15, 2007
2 8