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A 4th classman at the Virgina Military Institute (VMI) who uppon arrival was asked why he came to VMI. Rat/4th classman sounded off, "To be a deathmachine, Sir!"

Has a large group of lackies known as a "rat tail". The rat tail is annoying and creepy to all.
Tom-D scares everyone because he is the Deathmachine.

The Deathmachine takes no prisoners.

"Hey Deathmachine! Wanna know what my dyke said?"
by bluema March 08, 2008
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a(n) law, institution, cycle, or occurance which facilitates, mandates, or (indirectly or directly) causes death.
World trade is a death machine because it causes poverty that breeds violence and or death in under-developed nations.
by C.J. Smith February 10, 2006
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a machine that produces death
anything that dies recieves death from the death machine
by the fakin Circle February 17, 2009
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Rare and powerful care package content in CoD: Black Ops. Best used in a defensive situation when all you need to do is sit back and watch that bomb site or flag.

Warning! This gun, when equipped, disables your ability to sprint or go prone and once fired will be discarded if put away. Ammo capacity is 499 rounds and you cannot scavenge ammo for a reload.

On the plus side, this weapon deals great damage to anything\anyone, has a high ammo capacity, and will prevent any victim from going into Last Stand. Just be more careful with it on Hardcore modes.

Hardline Pro user: Let me see what I can do..........*contents change*

Player: OH YEAH!!! Death Machine! Thx man.

Hardline Pro user: np bro
by AL_PS3 May 09, 2011
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