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Someone who must bring death to others for various purposes, mostly for pleasure
I'm going to play some Halo 2, cause I wanna be a deathinator tonight!
by Deathinator December 07, 2006
Adj. 1 A fucking idiot who thinks they pwn on online games.
2. Someone with a very high voice that hasn't gone through puberty yet.

3. Someone who loses the game constantly
4.Someone who enjoys mulets
5. a child molester
"Wow dude your such a Deathinator!"
by Kratos300 December 29, 2009
A total hottie from outerspace, he has the body of an alien, but the head of a hot guy. Likes to rape young children. Has has intercourse with 11 year olds. Ex/ Gab Clo.
That guy is a Deathinator, but i'm afraid of him.
by clobug98 May 09, 2010