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when you're playing beer pong and you shoot and the balll makes it into a payer of the other team's drinking cup. the game is ended after this shot (no matter how much beer is left over) and the losing team must chug all of it.
death cup=hardest shot to make

man i made death cup last night and the other team had to drink 6 cups!
by cshott November 23, 2009
In the game of beer pong when someone makes it into a cup that the opposing team is drinking out of, or when the opposing forgets to pull a cup and then the cup is made again.

When someone gets it in a death cup (being drank out of cup, or in a forgotten cup), the game is over and whoever made it in wins.
Guy: they both made it in the same cup, isn't that death cup?

Girl: No, you are wrong. Death cup is when they make it into a cup that the other team is drinking out of, or that they have forgotten to pull.

Guy: Oh yes, you are right, I am wrong.
by correctuogirl October 09, 2011
Syrup,A drug that can be taken by mouth
There goes lil wayne carrying around that deathcup
by Namecreator July 11, 2008
the largest size slush puppie or any type of slushie beverage from a convenience store or gas station. the name comes from the fact that the sugar content is so high in that size slushie it would probably kill you.
Man, it's hot outside, want to go buy a death cup?
by Christian H September 24, 2007
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