1.Used to be sacred. Supposedly "the end" but with all the relgion around you just dont get a break anymore.
2. The Personification of death. Normally a tall skelton in black robes with a scythe.
1. "Children! Death isn't the end! there is a life afterwards!"
2. "dude i was so close to O.D ing i was holding deaths hand."
by Lewis B (ankou) June 05, 2005
Something that will happen to a person regardless, but how it happens differs, such as a 12 year old girl gets raped and murdered and a guy gets fucked by a horse and dies. It all differs in which you fate is in, you pretty much decide how you are going to die or you may not. You might except it, you might try to forget about it, but it is going to happen and it is what it is. And if you read this you might get hit by a automobile.
" Death Sucks the fat one "
by Mr potts March 06, 2009
similar to taxes
Death - "oh noesss, not again"
by jesuvonbonhofen July 20, 2008
Will not call, e-mail, mail or do anything to tell you it is coming (unless you're on death row or something like that). The reason why we need to live our life to the fullest. It will not solve all your problems, but it will definitely end them all regardless of what you did.
Stranger: you know that thing's gonna kill you.
Me : yea
Stranger: then why do it?
Me : do you know when you will die?
Stranger: no
Me : there you go. death will come knocking on your door when your time comes. for the time being, enjoy life!!
by DeKoNa May 23, 2007
Death comes to collect your soul when you die.. he wields a scythe, and wars a black robe..
He sometimes rides a spectral horse, or in the discworld books, he rides Binky
by Schteen May 22, 2003
The inevitable
"The only reason we die is because we accept it as an inevitablility"-Stewie Griffin

"Life is a one-way course to death; though you may die on you way to it"- ΑρΚάς

"The question is not if there is life after death, but if there is life before it"-Me
by Kotopoulo July 09, 2011
When a Indian driver doesn't stop for you when you are biking
Indians. Always causing bikers death. *sighs*
by epic pwnage April 17, 2010

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