what you get when you die
death is the only adventure
-Captain James Hook
by anti-beat-box August 27, 2003
The eventually stop of movement of your blood cells and the end of the replication of your DNA.
Fatman died today, he played FFXI and ate until he burst... I am sorry for the chair he was in... his death will be celebrated..
by Darth Supertuba March 31, 2006
(n). something to play around with later that day after you came home and caught your mom getting too friendly with the family dog.
oh crap, my mom was f*cking a dog. -pulls trigger- (death)
by dea†h March 16, 2006
The opposite of life OR the guy in the black robes who can't beat Bill and Ted at Twister...
Death rocks!
by OmnipotentSeal July 04, 2003
The end of all that is living.
Yay, were doomed!
by Satan December 16, 2002
A new begining,Death comes with an act of killing.Death is also a new begining of life
death becomes life,death also clears room for the living
by lil Elmo November 25, 2003
what happends when you die
im death incarnet doom nukka
by ju October 03, 2005

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