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1) a smegging awesome battle cry
2) an arial attack that brings an immense smashing force downward over an opponent
<jumps into the air> DEATH FROM ABOVE!!! <smashes jocks head in>
by Spaz De Kat January 15, 2009
Generally any sort of weapon, be it bombs, live ammo or hell anything that rains down upon the earth and causes mass death and devastation. Also known as Raining Death.

1. During the Vietnam War, the ground troops were usually attacked from entrenched enemies from all sides, so the called in artillery and bombers to drop some death from above on the dinks. And during the battle of Hamburger Hill, instead of bombing the thing, they decided to send human soldiers up the hill. In 10 days the divisions that went up that hill suffered over 70% casualties.
by Deathstriker6666 April 27, 2006
A battle cry used by the Dominic's cat Spark in the webcomic Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire. Denotes pretty much exactly what it sounds like.
Helixa- "Now watch, Oracle, as your precious golem dies a slow, painful death FROM ABOVE!" (last two words yelled by Spark)
by Shay Guy October 25, 2006
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