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1. Short name of a (amazingly awesome) webcomic created by Michael Terracciano in 2002 about a seer named Dominic Deegan, for which the comic is named. He (Dominic) lives in a fantasy world and can see the future, the past, and the idiots. He and his friends go on various adventures, most of them not willingly. It has eight panels and updates seven days a week, with a colour strip on Sundays. Located at

2. Main character in the webcomic Dominic Deegan: Oracle for hire. Average height, brown hair, green eyes, glasses. Lives with his talking cat, Spark. Recently lost a leg in a tragic and angst-filled accident. (<3)
1. <someone>Oh my gosh! Did you see that new episode of Dominic Deegan?
<someone else> Yeah, I did! I can't believe it! Will Luna be okay?

2. <cosplayer> I am Dominic Deegan!
<better cosplayer> Then why are you a blonde.. -_-;;
by Music-chan November 21, 2006
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