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A "Death Cube", all Vernor Vinge references aside, is the epithet placed upon a room full of people with nothing exciting to do, and no viable plans for the night. A death cube is often accompanied by awkward silence, sexual stagnation, and, as the colloquialism implies, death of all things enjoyable.
"Yo, the party's not happening."
"Are you serious? Shit."
"Well, do you have anything else in mind for tonight?"
"This is a death cube."

"Yo man, O.D. Death Cube. We need to get out of here and do something FAST."
by guz May 14, 2006
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a nearly unknown austrian music project, the songs of which contain growls, distortion and many drum beats and lack normal melodies
listener1: Deathcube sounds as if you threw a drum kit off Mount Everest

listener2: to me it sounds like a storm with tv static
by theFIST April 04, 2011

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