Circumcised penis / Man with a circumcised penis. Due to the fact that the head of the cock becomes less sensitive after circumcision. Can be viewed as a good thing as sex lasts longer, or a bad thing as the sensation is diminished.
"Worst mistake of my life becoming a dead head, it's like jerking off a piece of dried up old leather"

"My girlfriend loves it since they cut me after my foreskin split on us. Now I'm a dead head she actually gets to cum. Sadly, I don't"

by 8th Floor Jon January 08, 2008
1. (v.) To drive a semi-truck with an empty trailer.
2. (n.) A fan of the psychedilic rock band the greatful dead
3. (v.) To rid an area of weeds
1. There were no loads around Boston so I had to dead head all the way to Baltimore
2. Those dead heads are in town for the show again.
3. I have to go dead head my garden.
by bluegrass June 30, 2004
A person who is so spaced, zoned out, or stoned they appear almost dead.
"Tom was a total Dead Head in biology today."
by XTheSpaceman August 01, 2014
One who has become numb to emotions, usually after being jaded for so long. Trusts no one, has friends but doesn't connect with them. A misanthrope
Damn after breaking up with that bitch jenna, jimmy has been such a dead head.. poor guy.
by Darkronix August 20, 2012
Those who forget alot cuz there brain aint workin to keep memory
Dora can never remember to turn around to find stuff. what a dead head.
by DJ Showdown May 19, 2010
1. a fan of Jerry Garcia, The Grateful Dead
2. a river snag of tree &/or log &/or large flotsam
3. a useless person on staff
4. verb & noun) a toll vehicle(taxi, bus, train, truck(lorry/semi) travelling empty (noun: such trip)
Rick, that deadhead(3) in the mailroom is a deadhead(1)

John had a deadhead(4) trip after dropping off a load of lumber -- while deadheading(4) back he saw a major deadhead(2) in the river stuck in a boat's props, so he phoned the coast guard!
by cyberpope67,BC,Canada July 06, 2009
when you shit and the turd reaches from the bottom of the bowl and sticks out of the water. like a dead head on a lake
mike made a dookie, it was a dead head , then he wiped and made a whitecap
by longhairedwizardwithlazyeye February 11, 2010
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