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To have a excellent shot at someone with little chance of missing. See point blank

Used by Eric Draven in The Crow
Take your shot, Fun Boy, you got me dead bang.
by Hackermom December 23, 2005
52 13
1 - literally, a bullseye or perfect shot.
2 - descriptively, a perfectly appropriate phrase.
Frank : I shot the hijacker right between the eyes.
Joe : Dead bang with a 50 cal? They can forget a facial ID.

Frank : Farley's poetry is puberty pretending to be maturity.
Joe : Hah ... dead bang.
by Baby Monster November 19, 2007
7 2
When a girl is not putting out
Youuuu Up for a Thresomee bbz?


by Lukeeeeeybroad October 18, 2010
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