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semen found in a napkin or dried on the small of yo bitches tramp-stamped back.

one squirt, million dead babies
jill was kind enough to swallow my dead babies, go green save the woods and the trees.
by beckieness August 05, 2010
10 1
1) a baby that is lacking life
2) a meal (preferably brunch)
3) a sex toy
1) wow, look at that dead baby
2) guy 1: im starved
guy 2: want some ribs?
guy 1: too early...how about a dead baby?
3) last night was long. my roommates had a dead baby.
by zachattack0428 April 12, 2007
231 68
a baby that is no longer living, possibly murdered.
whats 18 inches long and makes women scream all night long? a dead baby!
by chip meadows June 03, 2006
119 28
a series of disturbing jokes comparing things to dead babies.
Q: What is the difference between a pile of dead babies and a Ferrari.
A: I don't have a Ferrari in my garage.
by Fat Al May 09, 2007
113 38
the target of one of the greatest types of jokes ever made
What's the difference between a dead baby and a Cadillac? I don't have a Cadillac in my garage!
by miedracolon December 15, 2007
71 11
ill luck, mishaps, bad circumstances.
after the boat started taking in water, they knew it was all dead babies from here on out.
by king kong NINJA April 20, 2004
81 26
1.baby that is not living.
2.sensitive subject for cunts.
3.great. insert anytime, any place.
4.fun for all.
You want the dead baby? You can't handle the dead baby!!!
by Mazda August 04, 2006
69 28
1. A comedy goldmine.
2. A nutritious source of protein and B-vitamins.
3. Great sex toys.
1. Q. What's the difference between a dead baby and a cheeseburger?

A. You don't have sex with a cheeseburger before you eat it.

2. Q. How do you make a dead baby float?

A. Two scoops of ice cream, one scoop of dead babies.


A. Take your foot off it's head.

3. Q. What's worse than waking up and finding a dead baby on your pillow?

A. Realizing you were drunk and had sex with it the night before.
by D34DB4B135 September 11, 2010
39 9