A text received so late that its subject matter is void.
I got John's text about the homework questions too late - by the time I responded, the assignment was already due.

Turned on my phone after finally recharging it and now have a bunch of dead texts flooding my inbox.
by Kishyotai September 16, 2010
Top Definition
a text that is recieved too long after is sent so you are no longer obligated to reply to it.
I recieved a message from my friend the morning after it was sent asking if I was still up, so I decided not to reply because it was a dead text.
by Desiree1990 May 25, 2008
a text that has nothing you can reply to or ends a conversation.
guy 1: wats up
guy 2: nothin. u?
guy 1: nothin
guy 2: cool
guy 1: ok
guy 2: dude thats a dead text
by twitchykid123 December 11, 2010
receiving absolutely NO response after texting a girl you met for the first time earlier in the week, even if you felt like there was a good connection between the two of you
His Text:
Hey Cindy, I had fun hanging out last night, I'm gonna have a little cook out with some friends tonight, what are you up to?

Her Text:_________________________

His Text:
Hi Shelley you definitely broke it down on that dance floor on Friday, did you take classes for those moves?

Her Text:_________________________

Scenario with Friend

Friend: Did you ever get in touch with that cutie you hung out with all night?

You: Well I send her a text yesterday...

Friend: ...and?

You: Nothing! No response!

Friend: Damn dude, I can't believe you got dead texted after that.
by adiboy January 09, 2012
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