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The act of engaging in activities that debilitate the faculties, either mental or physical, and tend to have as their object or end result things that produce short term gains at the expense of long term improvement. Most commonly associated with imbibing substances, such as alcohol or marijuana. In contrast with those who rigorize, those who de-rigorize tend to not as readily realize or accept what will result from their actions. It is, as a rule of thumb, then, less dictated by sound rational choice and conscious decision than the act of rigorizing.
Because Jimmy had been rigorizing over his books so extensively, he decided he could de-rigorize to the tune of a few doobies and a six pack last night.

To rigorize or de-rigorize, that is the question.

To his dismay, Smith realized that since he had been de-rigorizing almost exclusively for the past week, he would be unable to rigorize for the next 4 days, and thus would fail out of school.

In the midst of de-rigorizing one night, Terra realized she was not devoting enough time to improving herself. Upon having this epiphany, she immediately ceased de-rigorizing and drove to the library to rigorize.
by Bill Manning. February 03, 2010
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