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The additional call of nature - very similar to the first - that lures you back into the toilet, even though you're pretty sure you've just moved your bowels satisfactorily.
Sid: I'd better go, Hank. I need to take a dump again.

Hank: But I thought you went before you came out.

Sid: I did, but I think it's a de ja poo. It feels exactly the same.
by timtank February 28, 2012
1 0
The undeniably eerie feeling that you've seen all this shit before.
The undeniably eerie feeling that you've seen all this shit before. ;->
by Apathetic Care Bear January 31, 2005
95 19
The rare occasion that occurs right after you take a dump, where once you leave the restroom, you feel the need to take another dump.
Ever since I had those Jalapenos, I've been having Deja Poo.
by xaero7 November 21, 2009
48 11
When you take a dump and recognize food in it that you ate a few days ago.
Dude, I just had a Deja Poo. I haven't eaten corn for like three days!
by iwritestuffnigga September 05, 2009
42 18
The eerie, inescpapable feeling that this shit has happened to you before.
Man, serious deja-poo. I know this exact same shit has happened to me before.
by Robert C. Wilson August 24, 2005
32 8
sometimes it just feels like the same old crap all over again
Our new account manager just introduced himself and I had that distinct feeling of deja poo.
by trep420 September 10, 2009
25 8
Terd that reappears after you flush the toilet
"I had to flush twice, because I experienced deja poo"
by rberlow September 06, 2009
18 7
When a homosexual male takes a dump that reminds him of an ex-boyfriend.

The Memory Lanus
Bruce realized he was finally over Doug after taking a good Deja-poo.
by aggrobot October 18, 2006
22 15