dead dick club
My dad said since he turned 60 he now belongs to the DDC
by mikeyc18 April 28, 2009
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The acronym for Definitely Don't Care
If someone says something you really don't have any interest in, you simply reply "ddc".

Bill: I just bust a nut.
Sam: DDC.
by yung_scarbz August 25, 2008
Stands for Dirty, Devestating, and Cold blooded.
My friend just found out is girlfriend was cheating on him with another girl. Thats a D.D.C. move by her.
by Icemanrim October 13, 2008
Dick Donation Center. A perfect place for a man about to become a Girl.
He wanted to Become a transsexual so he first went to the D.D.C. to donate his Penis and other sex organs.
by Eliot Benson November 15, 2007
Doo Doo Cramps. A sudden and violent urge to take a shit; usually occurs during inopportune times. A severe case of cramps followed by loose and stinky release, never in solid form!!

Dude,I have the DDC's from that 6 piece nug!
by erkieerkieerkie April 14, 2006
Dumb Dick Corperation
GAy #1:You ama join that new DDC homie!

Gay #2:Werd? Me too
by BLOQUE 5 September 25, 2008

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