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The acronym for Definitely Don't Care
If someone says something you really don't have any interest in, you simply reply "ddc".

Bill: I just bust a nut.
Sam: DDC.
by yung_scarbz August 25, 2008
Dick Donation Center. A perfect place for a man about to become a Girl.
He wanted to Become a transsexual so he first went to the D.D.C. to donate his Penis and other sex organs.
by Eliot Benson November 15, 2007
dead dick club
My dad said since he turned 60 he now belongs to the DDC
by mikeyc18 April 28, 2009
Stands for Dirty, Devestating, and Cold blooded.
My friend just found out is girlfriend was cheating on him with another girl. Thats a D.D.C. move by her.
by Icemanrim October 13, 2008
Doo Doo Cramps. A sudden and violent urge to take a shit; usually occurs during inopportune times. A severe case of cramps followed by loose and stinky release, never in solid form!!

Dude,I have the DDC's from that 6 piece nug!
by erkieerkieerkie April 14, 2006
Dumb Dick Corperation
GAy #1:You ama join that new DDC homie!

Gay #2:Werd? Me too
by BLOQUE 5 September 25, 2008
When a guy is giving you the best sex ever that causes you to put up with things you ordinarily would not tolerate from no man it is the Ddc..
My boyfriend having another girlfriend and me not caringcis the DDC
by Bigmoma October 06, 2015

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