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a.k.a. DC...only the hottest crew under the sun, where all the real homies roll. They have started numerous trends and fashions. Chances are if you're doing something, it originated from DC. They have their own line of superhero action figures, have appeared on TRL's music video countdown, and own the most n00bz on the planet. Give it up for them or fear some kind of horrible consequence.
Yo, dem boyz from dcrew stole my PB&J sandwich!

Hey, if dcrew made a commercial, do you think Chuck Norris would be in it?

Uncool Nerd: Hey, can I join DC?
Rest of America (and the world): No.
by J Money For Three July 06, 2006
Main Supporters of Let's Dance.

Lord of the Dance Crew is Preston Blazej.

Other Members include Big Mike, Gravey, Lisa P. and other various original supporters.
D-Crew will fuck up your fifteen year old Coke Whores.


D-Crew has a very classy show edict.
by Big Mike. February 07, 2005
Other original members Include Chris Bailey, MK, and other cool people who are just betta then you.
I think Lisa P. Dipped.
by Big Mike. February 10, 2005
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