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dcn stands for developmental nort. Also known as 'Hey I'm David Nort, I have a Navy Seal Poster'. I enjoy paying for my friend's (i.e. will davis) constant mooching and then being incredibly stubborn in certain arguements to the point that one might want to kill themselves. dcn stands for stupid head.
hey im dcn and im going to pay for you movie ticket with the intent of getting a return but when u hide my nalgene i can't find it b/c im a total stupid head.
by Twillie March 15, 2005
1.)A former car club
2.)A former "gang" {yeah right..total bs} by JSO
3.)A Family of juggalos and juggalettes that come together as one.
4.) Dark Carnival Ninjas
5.) The beginning of a nickname of a car club, usually beginning in "DCN2" and then their nickname.
there are no examples. DCN IS the examples.
by DCN2JOKER February 06, 2007