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Death by Question.

A tactic used by the College Board to see how well you absorbed the teachings of a college-level (AP) History course taking in High School.
dude, how was that AP history DBQ?
by MacFanatic05 January 15, 2005
a type of legal torture used on teens and children for the amusement of teachers.
also see spawn of evil
Tonight for homework, complete the documents and answer the DBQ with an 18 page essay with size 8 Times new roman font.
by A. Student April 25, 2004
document based question
It is first practiced by writing essays on things you know absolutely nothing about, then graded by your peers, people who are either too smart or too dumb to care about whatever you wrote.
Please grade these DBQs with impartiality. Do not trade with your friends or your enemies. (After this statement, no one moved and the teacher graded them all herself.)
by Annie The Pirate July 18, 2004
A social event that involves dip and barbecue. It usually takes place on a patio or in a backyard.
Hey Kavs, are going to the DBQ?
by Big John & The Work October 01, 2009
douche bag queer
If a guy is always rude and conceited and has a big ego he can be considered a dbq

aka a germy guy that just needs to be extinguished with lysol
by Sophie!@$!@#$!@# November 14, 2009
Douche Bag Quotient - a rhetorical measurement of how much of a douchebag someone is.
Damn, Katie's DBQ just skyrocketed
by Sam and Laura October 25, 2004
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