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don't be immy
dbi (don't be immy) means to generally be a fool, so if someone's being silly they should be told to not be immy
by Rucho November 01, 2011
dont beg it!

begging it with people all the time

started by josh f
boy 1. you look nice today (to a girl)
boy 2. omg, DBI
by wff14 May 09, 2010
don't beg it
this slang word is used widely amongst the English youth. It is generally used referring to someone who is kissing ass and generally begging for someone to like them or seem cool or whatever.
it is now however used to just simply annoy each other.
dbi: when a person who wasn't raised around 'the streets/ghetto' uses slang just to impress or seem cool or maybe the other way round...a person who uses big words to simply impress.
by dudettttth July 27, 2011
Douche Bag Index - Similar to the smog or pollen index, it's the ratio of douche bags at a particular location to the total number of people times 100.

For example, if there are 75 people in a room but 15 of them wear flatbilled hats, drive lifted F-150s, visit Glamis often, or are Boston Red Sox fans then the DBI in the room would be 20, (15/75) * 100.

*** Acronym coined by Mike K.
Douch Bags range in forms of FlatBiller, MMA TapouT posers, Fuck Stick, Glamis Bro, Bro Ho, Guido, or any other wannabe badass poser.

This place sucks! With the UFC fight on tonight the DBI is over 60 in here.
by malarrya May 07, 2009
dont beg it
*John liked Alice's photo*

Johns mate : DBI.
by LOL wt? July 27, 2011
Acronym for Double British Invasion, i.e. when two Brits attempt to chat up a foreign chick at the same time.
Eric: Have you seen Jack and Ryan hitting on that Irish girl?

Harry: Yeah that's a serious DBI right there.
by gui77 July 28, 2011
Dirt Bag Index. Multiply number of tattoos by number of missing teeth to find how many days since person's last day of bathing.

tn=b, where t is number of tattoos, n is number of missing teeth, and b is days since bathing.

Most commonly used unofficially in hospitals.
Nurse: Good Lord, this guy's DBI is 45, somebody get me the hose.
by Mister Boo September 13, 2009

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