DBG is short for "Dumb Business Guy" which is a term used by computer programmers to describe their, bosses, managers, team leaders, co-coordinators or project managers. They use this term because as programmers they have absolutely no idea how the business works or what the need to be done to make sure there is work for them to do each day. They assume the "Suits" just have meeting, send emails and go out for lunch all day.
Programmer: What are the DBG's doing today?
Co-Worker: Probably a meeting, then lunch, send a few emails, another meeting, then call it a day.
by AlwaysThatGuy September 22, 2011
Top Definition
designated black guy on a sports team that is lacking someone of african heritage
Grant was the team's dbg because everyone else was white and he was a darker skin tone.
by C40H May 07, 2006
Acronym for DO BE GAY

Not like anyone can stop you from being gay anyway :D
Dude1: My gf asked me "Do I look fat in this?" I totally forgot she's on her period and said yes & she threw a fucking shoe at me!

Dude2: Ouch! Like I said before DBG like me lol

Dude1: Hahaha shutup I wish!
by UD parody November 02, 2009
Death by Gaspard
used by fangirls to describe Gaspard Ulliels sexiness
omg that picture of Gaspard is soo hot
its DBG!
by missmegan March 16, 2008
Dude Be Gay

Said when you wish one of your friends was gay.
Chris: Hey do you think I'd have a chance with the new chick?
Jake: Nah... cuz I already asked her out HA HA HA
Chris: WTF is your problem DBG for once!
Jake: Well if YOU were gay this wouldn't be a problem xD
by Chips & Salsa November 09, 2009
Stands for "dirty booty girl" or "dirty booty guy". The act of walking out in public looking like your ass smells. Sometimes, the person in question actually does smell like the inner most crevis of an ass, then which they graduate into a D.B.B., "Dirty Booty Bitch".
Did you see that floozie in line @ King Taco, STRAIGHT D.B.G.
by Miss 103 September 08, 2010
Dirty Brown Girl
Its when a brown girl is dirty in any sense such as doesn't maintain good hygiene, or is dirty in a sexual way, or any other application of dirty.
Wow you haven't taken a shower in two weeks? you are a DBG!
by fraudpsychic August 17, 2014
Double Boob Grab
Surprise her with a D.B.G

O.M.G he totally D.B.G'd me
by Retsib May 11, 2009

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