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Made up by Shar Daley: a DBF is a double best friend. As in more than a best friend, like best best best friends.
Person1: "Hi random person, lets be bffs"
Person2: "No! bffs suck! lets be DBFS" :D
Person1: "Yaaaay!"
by Shar512 May 28, 2010
Douchebag factor. High number of douchebags per capita. Likely to incite rage and/or annoyance and cause early exit from any given establishment, esp. bars or nightclubs.
The new bar across the street is cute, but the DBF is too high to justify going there on a regular basis.
by KarenCarpenter April 18, 2011
Designated Black Friend. In every group of white friends there's always the signature kid that acts like a nigg. Includes phrases such as, "Shoo gurl", "sum of dems", "hell nah", etc.
White friend: Gimme sum o dat fried chicken, nicca.
Other white friend: You're such a DBF.
by DBFmasters March 06, 2011
DBFS is a cheap ripp-off of DIAF and is a quick way of suggesting that a person die by firing squad.

It can also stand for decibels relative to full scale but who gives a shit?
Person 1: Hey buddy! Guess what!? I just got lucky and got tickets to the Heart/Journey concert this week. They just sold out.

Person 2: dbfs?
by PartyMarty123 August 19, 2009
Acronym for "Douche Bag Forever"
The first three letter of Bushy's license plate are "DBF", that means that he's a douche bag forever.
by Mark Fabe November 15, 2006
Double butt fucking... having your dick in one asshole while the other ass rubs your shaft.
Fred DBFed two girls at the party
by DBFer king December 11, 2009
Dead Body Fuck - When a female has sex and simply lays there with no interaction (resembling a dead body)
That girl I had sex with was a DBF, that shit sucked.
by The Mor May 28, 2009