Someone who lies about age to look cool infront of others to look cooler than people of his own age. The site where he hangs around.
by Elton John December 28, 2004
Top Definition
Australian nick name for anyone with the Name Darren, also called Daz in the UK
oi Dazza! you goin out wif Shazza tonoight?
by Canadaz March 04, 2008
A poor excuse of a man who is an excruciatingly obese salad dodger that acts as some kind of keyboard warrior sitting behind his computer monitor in a dirty pair of jogging bottoms. Someone who trawls around various internet forums that can be seen to be overly aggressive, ill-informed, grumpy, dumb and flies off the handle at other far too quickly.
Were you online last night?

Yeah, did you see it all kick off between Steve and Dave? What a pair of Dazza's!
by uk_avenger July 04, 2009
A Dazza is usually the worst nickname given to those with the name Darryl.

These very unlucky few almost always suffer from fannyitis , they are also said to have 'shit for brains'
They tend to have shit taste in cars (r33s ect). They are so into cars, that they fail to acknowledge anything else, especially women.

The Dazzas are losers and should be stayed well clear of.
"You drive an r33? Man, you're such a Dazza"

"Quit being such a Dazza"

"That Dazza can suck my testicle"
by Whats It To Ya? November 16, 2013
the last few millimeters of a cigarette.
"give me a smoke!"
"you can just have my dazza's"

"who wants dazzas?"
by ^_^ LULZ April 03, 2008
A reference to something that has expired or past its best before date. Originating from the cockeny rhyming slang Darren Gough i.e off.
Excuse me sweetheart I don't mean to be rude but your Vagina is making a right pong, I think it must be Dazza.
by Snipesy September 15, 2006
The nickname of one whose name begins with 'D'. Often spends alot of time in the bookies and drinks too much.Likes his women fat but doesn't like his friends knowing that he's not really a playa
Dazza: you are a disgrace!
by Handy Man April 07, 2005
Somone who steals vB licences from his customers, and uses them on his own forums, because he's a poor bastard. Also known as DLStreamnet. Keep away from www.dual-stream,net, this knob owns it !

He would add a counter to these definitions, but he's gone to suck off a horse.
Look its that knob, DAZZA.
by Anonymous January 02, 2005
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