Person who never knows what's going on around him.
Twisted, mentally unbalanced, idiot, dazed.Often talking nonsense bullshit.Thick,never learns from his mistakes.
Mark said, he got sucked from work today for insulting manager. again.It's his third job this week.He will never change,he's a dazer man.
by VOL-TEK March 23, 2013
Top Definition
to put a large ronnie cut in a tube or bowl and hit it threw water with weed on top permitting a nice daze effect
"man i just ripped the fattest yott im so dazed right now"
"you didnt pop it you bitch aahaha no more dazers for you"
by dazer king April 28, 2010
dazer (dA-zer)

(n) an infected penis that results in causing venereal disease and/or infections that result in a burning sensation in the genitalia of sexual partners

A dick that is so infected it has the same burning effect of a laser beam - dick + laser = dazer
I spent one night with Mitch and his dazer and I've been on antibiotics ever since!
by X'xereaoux January 01, 2011
A person of minute stature, intensely interested in the scatalogical fields, tends to drive poorly engineered cars by choice. could wield a spanner, if you gaffa taped it to his shaking hands. Also characterised by an extremely swollen groinal area.
Denver Parker
by Ben July 08, 2003
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