A male who seeks to acquire woman's attention (usually sexually) during the daytime hours rather than at nightly social events.
Cupid is a daywalker. He constantly hits up all my friends during the day to get them to chill or party instead of going to class.
by Schmitt Happenz December 21, 2008
Boss or boss wannabe in the workplace that suck the life out of it's employees. Turning the employee into a mindless zombie from being over worked while they reap the rewards of hard work.
the day walker wants me to come in on saturday, and i have been working overtime everyday this week.
by kowledge21 April 15, 2008
A person who possesses extremely red hair and pale skin but does not have any freckles. In other words, a firecrotch minus the facial decoration.
Adele has not one freckle one her face but she has very red hair and thus, she must be a daywalker.
by Da Foolest January 12, 2008
Someone with red/ish hair but no freckles or pale skin. The only redheads who can stand sunlight.
- Dude, he's a redhead but his skin doesn't burn when exposed to the sun, wtf?

-I know, he's a daywalker!
by Philippe Lavoie June 04, 2007
A person with red or reddish-brown hair who does not possess the lily-white skin or excessive freckles of normal redheads.

They possess all of the strengths of redheads and none of their weaknesses.

Taken from the comic/movie Blade.
Example 1
Girl 1: But I thought he was a Ginger?
Girl 2: Nah, he's a Daywalker

Example 2
Person 1: Don't you need sunscreen?
Person 2: It's ok, I'm a Daywalker
by Hadyn June 14, 2006
A person who begins walking during the early hours of the day and then just keeps on walking, on and on and on and on until sunset. - A DayWalker.
Bare: I saw zab yesterday, he was huddled in the doorway of a shop on the corner of 35th & West.
Hangman: No way, that can't have been zab! I saw him walking around early this morning.
Madz: Yeah, I saw him pottering around this afternoon.
Bob: What?! That can't be true because he was still walking when I saw him just before sunset!

KK (Whispers In Awe): He must be one of those special people....A DayWalker!
by A Johnson November 17, 2006
a black male who has been consumed by the light, also known as a bounty.
Black men
by sampa November 17, 2003

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