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used as a substitution for damn, by choice, or by accent
"did you see how fat she is now? Day-um!"
"daaaaay-um son!"
by thatdangwhitekid November 05, 2009
3 1
When you see or meet girl who is incredibly attractive with a fine as hell body and when she has a personality to match she's the whole package AKA the definition of Dayum
I met this girl and was like DAYUM she's fine then I got to talking to her and she was the whole package.
by KILLEMWITHKINDNESS December 03, 2013
1 1
A Copenhagen version of the word damn
Dayum ma' mate went to bed hours ago
by gaggert November 20, 2011
3 3
the term justin and akiva use to sound black and piss the heebie jeebies out of young and unsuspecting extra-virgins.
dayum that ocp girl is hot.
by dworkinator March 23, 2009
8 9
The word -damn- as it sounds when said by blacks.
dayum, dem white bitches is smoking!
by sezwaq November 01, 2009
11 14
A more disappointed way of saying damn.

Pronounced "Dah-yum"
"Can I get a Corona" - Man
"We don't have Corona" - Bartender
"Dayum" - Man
by BrianIsLivid December 31, 2010
5 9
A country version of Damn
Bob: my project is 10 pages
Tim: Dayum! u are a nerd
by Sami "Donatello" Patel January 03, 2009
9 19