used as a substitution for damn, by choice, or by accent
"did you see how fat she is now? Day-um!"
"daaaaay-um son!"
by thatdangwhitekid November 05, 2009
When you see or meet girl who is incredibly attractive with a fine as hell body and when she has a personality to match she's the whole package AKA the definition of Dayum
I met this girl and was like DAYUM she's fine then I got to talking to her and she was the whole package.
by KILLEMWITHKINDNESS December 03, 2013
A Copenhagen version of the word damn
Dayum ma' mate went to bed hours ago
by gaggert November 20, 2011
the term justin and akiva use to sound black and piss the heebie jeebies out of young and unsuspecting extra-virgins.
dayum that ocp girl is hot.
by dworkinator March 23, 2009
The word -damn- as it sounds when said by blacks.
dayum, dem white bitches is smoking!
by sezwaq November 01, 2009
A more disappointed way of saying damn.

Pronounced "Dah-yum"
"Can I get a Corona" - Man
"We don't have Corona" - Bartender
"Dayum" - Man
by BrianIsLivid December 31, 2010
A country version of Damn
Bob: my project is 10 pages
Tim: Dayum! u are a nerd
by Sami "Donatello" Patel January 03, 2009

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