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He can be a lady charmer and has good looks thats has them falling he can sometimes be a bit too up about himself he can be a slayer but if he really tries his best he can keep an relationship some daymons want to be a playboy mansion star or something very similar they like to make jokes but half the time the jokes arnt funny and a typical daymon laughs about his jokes to cover up daymon is actually really fun to be around and is the nicest bf you could ever have if u get the luck of him falling for you but first impression of daymon arnt that good to start off with because he can be sick minded very loud can scream like a girl bit once you get to know him hes awesome if your lucky enough to be daymons gf then your a lucky girl that shouldnt take advantage of it daymons never cheat because there not that low key and they never date someone cas there "hot" he can get jelous easy hes very protective hes gentle and never rushes you but around his friends hes a completly different person :)
Daymon: mate girls should call me aymon
Guy2: um dude ur missing the d
Daymon: exactly its so the girls can find the D

Guy 2 : that was sooo funny but sick at the same time

Daymon: bahabahabahabah
Guy2:*poker face
Guy 2 :dude u can stop now
Daymon: bahabahabahabah
Guy 2 le* walkes off

Guy 2

y 2
by nine roses in nine days December 08, 2013
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