One certain event that contains so much awesome that it pretty much is the highlight of the day.
Guy 1: "Oh man, that play-doh basketball shot landed right back into it's container!!"

Guy 2: "Wow, what a day maker!"

Guy 1: "Did you see Brenda slap the shit out of Sue?"

Guy 2: "Yeah! That was a day maker!"
by Camros April 01, 2010
Top Definition
a super cool person/event that makes somebodys whole entire daaaaaaaaaaay sometimes referred to as an izzy<3
brendan: "wows izzy just made my whole day. shes such a daymaker."
by smartyz June 12, 2012
n.) an indivudal or event that makes one's day, brings immense satisfation or happiness.
"Wow no homework?? Daymaker!"
That was great, what a daymaker.
by embr12 February 10, 2011
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