A Noun or an Adjective describing or defining a Slight variation of the motorboat. However the motorboater is typically a male, and instead of the normal medium for motoring, breasts, it is performed to another males ass hole. Another variation from the original move is the heavy usage of tongue in this foreplay maneuver. So a Davis is a man who likes to put his face inside another mans ass and lick and blow on his asshole. Or a man can perform a Davis on his friend.
After they had talked for a while steve found out brad liked to davis, so he dropped his pants and bent over.
by Mike Tase November 09, 2007
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good looking, nice hair, hopeless romantic, fresh to death, smart, funny, well dressed. usually a skater or surfer. likes emo music but is the total opposite or emo. faithful to his girlfriend and very very very rare
"Oh my gosh that guy is so davis!!!"
by Stephottie from New Jottie April 18, 2006
The most amazing guy you'll ever meet. If you meet him you'll want to hold onto him for a lifetime and never let go. He's always got something to say to make a girl feel special. He's super cute and always sweet. A good kisser. Best baseball player everr.
Girl: look at that cute guy!
othergirl: he's a Davis
by 1234567890124567890 May 08, 2009
a person who loves weed
and knows how to have a good time!
damn davis is awesome (:
by weedlove January 08, 2009
Davis is the sweetest, kindest, bestest person in the world. He's always there whenever you need him and he'll never let you down. He's amazingly gorgeous in every way, especially with the deep dark blue/grey eyes. Davis is entertaining and so easy to fall in love with.
He's such an amazing Davis.
by jellojello November 13, 2010
1.the act of being fly
2.an awesome mother fucker that is on that "good stuff".
dude you look so davis today
aww man were you on that davis last night
by texas_shoe_shine October 12, 2008
Going on Facebook while doing homework and lengthening the time it takes to do the assignment by 5-8 hours.
Alan: Hey, sorry I can't come to your party. I have to go home and do homework.

Luke: It's alright. Just don't pull a Davis.
by 1337marth February 06, 2010
What a Davis.

OH! Davis.
by pinx8235 April 11, 2010

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