A small town located near Sacramento filled with yuppies and hippies. Often times called a cowtown although the only cows are at UCD. Police in Davis suck. Lots of drinking and drugs take place in the younger population of Davis. People on bikes and/or pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way. Eggheads. Dank (weed). Farmer's Market. Whole Earth Festival. Word.
You want to go to Whole Earth Festival in Davis and score some dank weed?
by Gretchen123 October 26, 2006
A name for an anal obsessed person who also enjoys a good beat when the lights go out
Person1: holy fuck that chick is prime!!!
Person2: she sure is
Person1: i wouldnt mind giving her an anal pounding
Person2: in your dreams
Person1: yeah true i guess i'll have to go home n wank over her.
Person2: hahahaha ur such a Davis
by Hayden Bray July 14, 2006
A person who a girl will fall in love with easily. Likes to lead girls on for the longest time and then ditch them. Smart in school but is a complete asshole and needs to be taught how to respect women.
Girl1 - Omg, I like this guy named Davis. I think I'm starting to love him...

Girl2 - Davis? He's an asshole and leading you on! Forget him now before you get screwed over even more.

Girl1 - How do you know?

Girl2 - He's a Davis!
by Don'tgiveafuck May 05, 2012
The action of throwing up ones arms and giving someone a Davis.
I said gimme a davis and he threw up his arms and gave me a Davis.
by Sfranz December 08, 2010
Home of the Davis Center for Social Progress and Human Advancement, otherwise known as The University of California at Davis. From day one, students who had 4.0's in high school are blasted with socialistic and communistic propaganda. Also, UC Davis has an 80% graduation rate, and the majority of classes are curved. So, 20% of the students at UC Davis have to fail, no matter what. While not as effective as Berkeley, this propaganda reaches a majority of students, leading many to have inferiority complexes and bouts of depression when they realize how greedy their desire to achieve is.
Thank God I'm about to graduate UC Davis, and I can't wait to get as far away from here as I can. It is said that many who graduate here don't become particularly successful in life, and I can see why. I defy that claim, and I plan to become very successful and make a shitload of money. Call me greedy if you want.

For current UC Davis students, I honestly hope the best for you. Resist any limits the faculty and staff here may try to impose upon you, and resist the complacent attitude that is so prevalent out here. For those considering UC Davis and have dreams of a big future, run away as fast as you can. Go to a school that emphasizes the practical concepts of hard work and personal achievement.
by calif2011 May 27, 2011
Daving Davis, a seventeenth century explorer with a firery main of hair.
Every person that has the last name of Davies descended from him - F.A.C.T.
"Daving Davis you old dog" - when a chap has pulled
by Laurence Woodtable April 22, 2008
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