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good looking, nice hair, hopeless romantic, fresh to death, smart, funny, well dressed. usually a skater or surfer. likes emo music but is the total opposite or emo. faithful to his girlfriend and very very very rare
"Oh my gosh that guy is so davis!!!"
by Stephottie from New Jottie April 18, 2006
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Davis is one of the lamest, gayest small college towns in the US.

Home to UC Davis, it's full of liberal politics giving way to snobby, liberal elitists who are convinced that Republicans are ruining the world while they lobby to dim street lights so people can see the stars. They also spent tax payer money to build a tunnel across the freeway for toads to use except that it didn't work and the toads merely died. If you do not ride a bike and own a compost pile, they will act like they are better than you.

UCD is the only reason anyone would ever know where Davis was on a map. It consists of 30,000 bros, sorority sluts, lesbians, nerds and Asians. Most of them aren't particularly smart; they just brown-nosed their way through school and had rich parents. Every weekend they turn downtown Davis into a orgy of hormones and drama. Funnily enough, most of them end up working as waiters and receptionists after they graduate.

Davis has been described as 12 square miles surrounded by reality. The Davis Enterprise, for example, decided to forgo reporting the events on 9/11 and instead featured a front page article on how to maintain a chicken coop.

Davis is one of the worst places to live in the state of California. It's sheer mediocrity, mindless politics, idiotic locals and lack of any culture or attractions makes it a repulsive limbo between Sacramento and the Bay Area. Avoid at all costs.
A: Hey man, I got accepted into UC Davis!

B: Really? That sucks!

A: I know! I'm considering suicide as an option.
by Ashamed Davis Local March 14, 2011
The most amazing guy you'll ever meet. If you meet him you'll want to hold onto him for a lifetime and never let go. He's always got something to say to make a girl feel special. He's super cute and always sweet. A good kisser. Best baseball player everr.
Girl: look at that cute guy!
othergirl: he's a Davis
by 1234567890124567890 May 08, 2009
A dope ass last name given to the dopest of families. Passed down from generation to generation. Usually owned by a family of very social people, who are also a great time to be around. Undoubtedly a friend must. Black Davis friend is severely rare, but if you have one, CHERISH him or her. If black, they are usually very talented at dancing, and making you laugh. Laughing is almost a guarantee when you're with your friend (insert first name) Davis. Enjoys to be correct. They really enjoy their family.
Guy 1: Yo man, you seen (First Name) Davis?
Guy 2: I think that's him over there, surrounded by all those people bowing down to him.
Guy 1: Yeah, that's definitely him.
by mdcrhapsody June 22, 2012
Going on Facebook while doing homework and lengthening the time it takes to do the assignment by 5-8 hours.
Alan: Hey, sorry I can't come to your party. I have to go home and do homework.

Luke: It's alright. Just don't pull a Davis.
by 1337marth February 06, 2010
1.the act of being fly awesome mother fucker that is on that "good stuff".
dude you look so davis today
aww man were you on that davis last night
by texas_shoe_shine October 12, 2008
1.An asian pornstar dealing smack off the coast of brasil.
2. An incredibally hot specimen
3. A really hot, tight leather thong that hangs out of one's pants.
1.Damn, look at that Davi, she is a total pornstar.
2. Jessica Beil isn't hot enough to be a davi!
3. She needs to put her davi away!
by Chester Maximus November 18, 2007

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