Is quiet the funny type but cannot decide what he wants. In this case females would be a problem. Davide is a person who will put girls before his best mates. He can be called a shark and does not have an outstanding reputation. He enjoys football and derives from an Italian descent. He often goes for his mates ex girls but it does not phase him. He believes that his mates are changing and they go out with the wrong people. Females tend to fall for his half descent looks but he will never understand how to treat a woman and always looking to get down and dirty. No respect for females or fellow friends
Davide is such a sharking bastard
by David MacNamara September 23, 2008
Top Definition
very sexy and hot and more sexy and intelligent smart..and heapsmoresexy.
people who thinks he's not generally are jealous
Girl#1:wow he's sexy
Girl#2: yer must be a davide
by girl_^ January 09, 2008
Commonly known as a repulsive Italian ranga with a freakish amount of body hair in places where hair is not meant to be. similar to that of a orangutang found in any zoo. Obviously this davide has never heard of deoderant and thinks he is such a great "ladies man" and soccer player when in fact he is neither. And probably has never heard of a razor.
"oh my god i was at party last night where some davide tried to slip a roofie in my drink'

i met this stranger in a public bathroom he totally reminded me of a davide.

i cant believe people actually pretend to like him, he is such a typical davide.
by HUNG LIKE A BLACK MAN June 17, 2009
a italian boy who is to skinny, has no life because hes really good at soccer, likes this ugly fat ass girl name chey, and didnt think i was going to write this, So haha DAVEY!
davide is a homo
by your funny October 12, 2008
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