David Desrosiers is the bassist of Canadian band Simple Plan.

He also does backing vocals.
david desrosiers once sang through a whole show while band mate pierre bouvier was ill.
by immie August 12, 2005
Top Definition
1.The hot bass player in Simple Plan
2.Loves to make people laugh
3.Has hot boots
4.Has a zebra fetish
5.Has a food fetish
David Desrosiers is a hot man
by David Lover August 23, 2005
the most fit member of simple plan, who, by the way, are an ace band!!!
'wow have you seen that new simple plan video? david desrosiers looks so fit!!'
by Ww July 21, 2005
David Derosiers is a member of Canadian band Simple Plan. He has a pretty different style from the rest of the other band members and loves to say anything funny. David has ADD so he gets destracted a lot.... but thats all apart of his charm. Very fit and sexy. David has a French accent because he's from Quebec.
Me: Hey you know David Desrosiers?
Sara: Oh you mean that sexy beast from Simple Plan?
Me: Yeah thats him *smiles*
by Amdes November 04, 2005
Bassist of Pop Punk Band Simple Plan.
Bass.. David Desrosiers is my looooooooove<3
by Ritalin<3 June 14, 2005
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