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David Derosiers is a member of Canadian band Simple Plan. He has a pretty different style from the rest of the other band members and loves to say anything funny. David has ADD so he gets destracted a lot.... but thats all apart of his charm. Very fit and sexy. David has a French accent because he's from Quebec.
Me: Hey you know David Desrosiers?
Sara: Oh you mean that sexy beast from Simple Plan?
Me: Yeah thats him *smiles*
by Amdes November 04, 2005
Simple Plan is a band made up of 5 guys from Montreal, Canada; Pierre, David, Seb, Chuck, Jeff. They are one of the best rock/punk/pop/alternative bands with their much sucess winning "best candian group" 3 year in a row on MMVA and for the juno awards and so many more. Their popularaty has grown quicky over the years with sold out concerts over the world. Even though they are always on tour non stop for their fans, they have never lost their sense of humour. They know what their fans like and are not going to stop because of a few "simple plan haters" and will remain strong in the end.
Tegan: Hey Sara are you going to buy tickets to the Simple Plan concert?
Sara: when did they go on sale?
Tegan: I think only two days ago...
Sara: Good luck with that!! They probably are already all sold out or the only sets left are row zzz!!
Tegan: Shit! I knew I should have got them earlier!
by Amdes October 02, 2005

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