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when you are getting a girl from behind and you pull out and have your friend get back in so she thinks you are still going and you go outside the window and wave to her
i pulled a david copperfield on that bitch
by Austin Power October 10, 2006
Executed in the canine position where one spits on the woman's back leading her to believe the man has had a happy ending. When she turns around for a cuddle she just finds herself standing in the rain instead.
Dude, you should have seen Jenna's face when i pulled the David Copperfield on her. It was great!
by YEahboY MarkP April 27, 2006
Probably one of the greatest illusionists in history. Copperfield has grossed over $1 billion throughout his lifetime.

Copperfield was accused of sexual assault in 2007 by a Seattleite. People from Seattle are often rude so this came as no surprise.

Copperfield is an avid Twitterer and will respond to his followers once in a while, resulting in extreme euphoria followed by periods of hate for the successful magician.

Copperfield often engages in heated discussions with other well-know illusionists such as David Blaine and Criss Angel
David Copperfield is very well-known amongst certain online forums.
by DisappearingActs94 May 31, 2011
While doing a female doggy style, you pull out while simultaneously having another male friend insert. While they are fucking, you walk around to the front where she can see you and say, "Tah-Dah!!"
She was super pissed when I David Copperfielded her last night.

I found out my girlfriend cheated on me, so I'm totally going to David Copperfield her later.
by bignp07 November 11, 2011
Occurs while taking a dump, when a person gets up, expecting to see a large load, but nothing is in the toilet. Usually happens when the feces slides down the toilet hole and out of sight.
Oh man..another David Copperfield..i really wanted to show Mark that one.
by sweetbill May 05, 2008
cockney rhyming slang for groping a ladies tattybojangles
cop a feel
lets have a david copperfield
give us a david
by greglorious April 08, 2010
This is sex maneuver that is performed when a woman does not want a man to come inside of her during sex, but the man wants to do so regardless. In this act, the man must exclusively be doing the woman doggie style for the "magic act" to be performed. He cums inside of her and spits on her back, bluffing his pull-out.
When the man cums, instead of pulling his cock out of her, he cums inside of her and then quickly pulls it out once he is done releasing his jizz, and then dribbles a large amount of spit on her back. He then tells her "I pulled out baby", thus pulling what is known as a David Copperfield. believing he is telling the truth, she kisses him and tells him weet nothings.
by Will Duya December 04, 2006
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