(adj.) being, acting or looking horrendous; can describe people, places and things.
Barry Manilow is dauncey.

Parts of Vermont are really dauncey.

Stop acting so dauncey.

Not only is that FUPA grotesque, it's the definition of dauncey.
by Donald C. Pobes November 05, 2006
The unit of measure used when determining the size of one's ego. The higher amount of Daunceys applied to describing an ego defines the measure of one's self love. A Dauncey can also be used in negative format, when describing someone with low self esteem.

Derived from the last name of the finest example of extravagantly lovable egotists, the Dauncey family. Hence when the unit is applied to an actual Dauncey, the number is infinite.
You're ego is getting a little big there, up to about four Daunceys, I'd say.

You're lookin' a little blue there buddy, maybe around even -2 Daunceys. Cheer up, fucker.
by LeeserDonk October 19, 2010

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