when playing eight ball, you get your ball in, the eight ball in, and you scratch all in the same shot. When this occurs, you are obligated to pull the eight ball out and two of your own balls.
andrew: holy shit dude, you got the que, your ball and the eight in all in one shot
Mike: holy shit, how did I do that?
Andrew: I dont know but that is a datch
Mike: yeah, (mike pulls out two of his own balls and the eight)
by mike - eight ball June 09, 2006
Top Definition
Extremeley weird; "sketch"
"I met this kid at a party named brad" - hannah
"Was he hott?" - kylie
"Yeah, but he tried to hook up with me" -hannah
"Wow. That's so datch" -kylie
by smileybanana May 01, 2009
The illest or most fresh. Also having complete swag or hip when they hop. In other words, The Swift Pajamas.
That kids is such a datch.
by relish delish January 12, 2011
A name for a fat black woman
Look at that datch over there
by Log0404 October 20, 2014
A girl you Hate because she is hitting on your Boyfriend
"Look at that Stupid Datch talking to My Bobby"
by Veronyca October 07, 2008

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