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One who spends the majority of their time running data and creating useless ppt slides to please the upper echelons of management.
Burke is a data monkey when he works on BAT.
by HB July 31, 2003
An employee whos job it is to take data from one source (eg SQL Server) and stick it in another source.

A bit like a DBA (Database Administrator) but without the job prospects.
"Hey Jim, do you have that Excel spreadsheet yet?"

"No Pete, the Data Monkey has only had the jobsheet for 6 days, I'll have it for Christmas...I think."
by Moose Taylor June 18, 2005
One whose job requires the use of no more than: (a) two fingers with which to achieve a succession of keystrokes enabling the individual to cut data from one source and simply paste it into another; (b) two brain cells which are mainly used to do google searches and send emails to other data monkeys.
CTRL-C; CTRL-V; CTRL-C; CTRL-V (repeat ad infinitum)
by Ilovemyjob November 15, 2004
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