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a darsnip is when you make accidental eye contact with someone, and both parties involved awkwardly look away really quickly
Tony: Oh no!
Jim: What's wrong?
Tony: I just made accidental eye contact with Susie, and then we both awkwardly looked away really quickly.
Jim: Darsnip to the max!
by the darsnip master May 06, 2013
v. when you are absentmindedly staring at a person, and they make eye contact, therefore causing an awkward situation.

A toilet darsnip is when you want to see if someone is in the stall in a public bathroom, so you look in through the crack and accidentally make eye contact with them.
Jeff: yo, i was trying to stay awake in ms.fullers geometry class today and I found myself staring at Becky randomly, and she noticed. it was ass weird
Randall:oh shit bro, total darsnip.
by adambsam97 November 08, 2011
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