Something to call people whose names rhyme with darsh, when you can't think of anything else. Usually said as if it is an insult, but just sounds stupid.
I'll beat you in the ski race, Stan Darsh.
by aybab2 June 18, 2003
to darsh is to just darsh, do u know what I'm saying? just darsh it.
Dylan "Just dash the shit out of that."
Jet "Just Darsh it man."
by Sir Mr. Eyebrows September 14, 2011
A word used as a quick-reference to "The Darshberg" which is like saying "The Coolest Kid" but maybe that this kid has a secret life, making him "Darsh"
"Did you see the Mad Kozentist this weekend?"
"Neither did I"
"He was with some other people"
"He doesn't have friends besides us...that must be a part of his secret life..."
"What a Darsh"
by The Koz February 23, 2005
the act of intercepting a thrown frisbee from another player either by catching it or slapping it down
Joe darshed Adam, or
oooo darshed him.
by Joseph Marchese July 04, 2005
Socially acceptable substitute for douche, usually used as an insult to one's fragrant vagina. Also used to describe one who frequents in douchebaggery.
You are such a horse darsh!
STFU you stupid darsh.
by Jadder Obbins June 08, 2006
A word that you say when you can't think of anything else to say. it has no meaning, but it also has infinite meaning.
this party is darsh.
by Alden August 29, 2003
a derogative name for someone who annoys you greatly
You're out the band darsh
by Lumpy Sam May 06, 2003
Way too tough right now. May be a result of Arnold idolization. Darshness can follow a linear trend to Scarface Super Toughness or even permanent Drunk Dan mode.
Dan just about anytime
by Pancho March 17, 2005

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