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darkling |?därkli ng | adjective poetic/literary of or relating to growing darkness : the darkling sky. ORIGIN Middle English: from dark + -ling, a suffix denoting condition or situation. The verb darkle is a back-formation dating from the 15th century.
A word that I have altered in having to do with being an offspring or liken to a child of things either portaining to darkness. darkness being of heavyness, forbodding, mystery, vice, ect...

the ''lyng'' at the end is not nessisarilly a separate word conotation but rather a suffix in difference of spelling in order to differenciate the ''being'' from the ''doing'' adjective from the actual dictionary entry from above that i have suppied.
''lyng'' being from such as ''duckling'' or ''youngling''.

can also use to describe someone of the nighttime.
'' child of night'' . someone whom is nocturnal.
1. being as that i am a darklyng, i often find it difficult for me to find individuals in which to share the night with me.

2. i walked into his room; skulls on his shelf, a goat head on the wall, i was shocked to see he was so much of a darklyng
by Dana Studanski September 29, 2007
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